Logistics training for supply chain professionals

The Logistics Education Centre delivers high-quality training for logistics and supply chain professionals. We aim to bridge the gap between academic courses that are often strong on theory but less convincing when it comes to practical implementation, and operational training that is long on assertion and short on wider evidence. We go out of our way to quantify both the issues we discuss and suggested solutions as much as is practicable.

Who our courses are for

Managers, directors and other professionals working either in the logistics industry or in other functions who want to develop their broader knowledge and understanding of supply chain issues and opportunities.

Professionals who wish to develop their careers in the logistics and supply chain industries and are looking to acquire and improve skills in particular areas.

Operations managers, supervisors and operatives looking to drive improvements in operational cost and quality.

How we do it

Our courses are delivered in person. Course length is one to three days, depending on subject matter and content. Our current focus is on providing training for organisations who want to develop the skills and abilities of teams to a common standard consistent with the business’s aims and approach. We are happy to develop business-specific content and emphasis to achieve those objectives.

Our tutors are experienced industry professionals with good training experience and academic links.

Our programme of public courses for 2023/4 is under development and will be shared when available.

You will find details of our courses here and contact details here.