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Who are we?
Founded in 1970 as the National Materials Handling Centre, The Logistics Education Centre has been providing short courses on logistics topics for 40 years.

Who are the courses for?
Our courses are aimed at managers, directors, supervisors and anybody who has an interest or responsibilities in warehousing.

What is our style?
Course are run in small informal groups with the emphasis on interaction and participation rather than formal lectures. We find that delegates learn from each otherís experiences and soon bond together to form lasting relationships with the staff and each other.

What are the Benefits?
The practical real life experience which underpins the courses means that delegates return to their company with the ability to implement cost savings and efficiencies. Course Presenters The courses are given by senior consultants and experienced industry specialists who use real-world examples from their own experience and knowledge.

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Tel: +44 (0) 1234 307781
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